Danger of dating a schizophrenic Chatroulette sex straight

Posted by / 13-Aug-2017 16:26

Since then I have been trying to read everything in books and online.

Actually I read it's relatively rare for a child to hallucinate before the age of 8.

It is an ongoing saga and has dominated our lives completely He has ruined every family event.

It is good that he is very motivated as well, schizophrenia can destroy your motivation entirely although he could of not even experienced this symptom to begin with as well.

It is good that you are educating yourself on it as much as you can.

If you have any other specific questions about it, just ask away; I have had just about everything happen at one point or another that can happen with this illness that I've been told about so far.

I know he had hallucinations and was hospitalized 2years ago, but he wouldn't tell me anymore about what happened, and I don't want to push him for more information as I think he's embarrassed.

I also know he takes strong meds for his condition.

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Hi thanks for replying :) He's actually a teacher in a Primary school, so I don't think they'd let him teach if he was very ill or anything.