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They each had their own quirks, as do we all: one had recently been diagnosed herself, another suffered from depression, another was doing a disability studies Ph D and finally, the mother of another had MS.I met with the latter woman and we had a great afternoon out.Two quotes from the book for women with MS: "It took me a while to pluck up the courage to try dating websites, and I met a few frogs before I found some princes!I decided that, for me, free websites weren't always a good idea - paying up front to be included implies a greater degree of commitment, making me feel more comfortable that someone else had the same motives as me.The two points of view were: I thought about 'getting out there', such as going to pubs.I decided this was impractical due to fatigue and simply getting around in a manual wheelchair (that energy pot will only go so far).I posed the question on Twitter and got a mixed reaction, as expected.

After all, I have other qualities that I'm sure will appeal to other people - I am me, not a consequence of MS of course.I chatted to several ladies on there (none with MS). We emailed for a few weeks, chatted on the phone and finally met up.Nothing further happened but it was fun to chat and meet other like-minded people. MS is no big deal to her (it's probably a bigger deal for me) and she likes me for who I am. As part of this article, I asked on Twitter if anyone had experience of dating sites.There are plenty of intelligent, caring people out there with their own crosses to bear, who may be very interested in someone whether or not that have MS, but who may not think to visit such a website.And for myself, I have fallen very happily in love with a beautiful, amazing girl." MS Trust have books on MS and sexuality which cover different aspects of relationships.

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2010 saw me turn 40, my marriage end in divorce and giving up working.

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