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You must be given at least three comparable rents of similar properties in your area which have been advertised in the previous four weeks to your review.The written review must also advise you that if you wish to dispute the review you can refer a case to the RTB within 28 days of reciept of the notice or before the date when the review is to take effect, whichever is later.If you don't get this the landlord is in breach and you can take further action through the RTB.Opposite you will find a letter Tenant Rent Info which you can download and use to inform a new tenant that moves in to the property you were previously renting of the amount of rent you were paying when you left.The new rules will also apply if you are moving in to a new tenancy which is located within a rent pressure zone.In this case, upon commencement of the tenancy, the landlord is required to give you written information outlining the amount of rent and date it was last set under a tenancy for the dwelling and a statement as to how the rent set under the tenancy of the dwelling has been calculated having regard to the rent pressure zone formula.If you’re looking for hostels near Temple Bar, look no further.

If you are in receipt of rent supplement and facing a rent increase, the Tenancy Protection Service may be able to help you apply for an enhanced payment click here for more information.If you are taking a taxi from the airport it will take 25 minutes to get to the Dublin hostel and cost about €30.Or book your return taxi to the airport at reception for a special €22 flat fee.To find out if you are renting in a rent pressure zone click here If you are renting in a rent pressure zone then your landlord can seek a rent increase of up to 4% per annum over a three year period.The new rules will only come into effect when your rent can next be reviewed-this is currently at least 24 months from either the start of the tenancy or from the date of when you were notified in writing of your last review.

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To determine 'market rent' you can check a number of sources including the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) Rent Index ie, property websites, property agents, to let ads in newspapers etc.