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World premier discreet dating

"But when you go looking for information on what you are talking about with Cathal O'Shannon and what went on inside marriage, it is really, really difficult."It was still a fairly suffocating society, but couples like O'Shannon and his wife could work around that, especially in their peer group, which would have been slightly more bohemian, more arty, maybe a bit more open to the idea of having affairs." The historian also points to the broadcaster Frank Hall, of Hall's Pictorial Weekly fame, who had a long-running and very open (at least in the tight media and arts circles of the times) affair with the radio agony aunt Frankie Byrne.

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Additionally, as most of the over 50 wives joining Undercover Lovers are also Mums, we may be seeing the effects of empty nest syndrome.

After their children leave home, many ladies report feelings of emptiness and loneliness and seeking an extra-marital affair is one way of filling the emotional void.’ Undercover Lovers also reveal that their middle-aged lady members are not confining their search for philandering partners to married men of their own generation.

There was, according to Ferriter and others, plenty of sex -- it was just that talking about it was not the done thing.

Friends and colleagues who have been fondly remembering O'Shannon have talked openly about his womanising ways and also hinted that his wife of many years, the journalist Patsy Dyke, had affairs of her own.

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Undercover Lovers retain a stack of statistics on adultery and related subjects and are happy to share this information with interested journalists.

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