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Teen dating violence stories

Through this process, the things that have helped me were the support of my family and knowing I always had somebody to talk to, my counselor and understanding teachers."While none of this has been easy, I am glad that I told someone and that I pressed charges, because I am in a better place in my life now," she said.Teen dating violence can be prevented, especially when there is a focus on reducing risk factors as well as fostering protective factors, and when teens are empowered through family, friends, and others (including role models such as teachers, coaches, mentors, and youth group leaders) to lead healthy lives and establish healthy relationships.It is important to create spaces, such as school communities, where the behavioral norms are not tolerant of abuse in dating relationships.

She says she had to change schools because other students sided with him.

These behaviors are often thought to be a “normal” part of a relationship.

But these behaviors can lead to more serious violence like physical assault and rape.

"I want people to be aware of it and know that it's real and people really do go through it and I want there to be more awareness of what goes on." Bonita was 19 when she said a young man in her church group followed her to a park and raped her at knife point.

"To explain how an act of violence has affected me for the past 15 years is a very daunting task. I was scared that they would reject me and that they would not believe me. They helped guide me to healing." Bonita said she hopes speaking out will help give other victims of sexual assault courage to take the next step.

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These behaviors include psychological, social, and emotional abuse, as well as physical and sexual violence.