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Barebacksex chat

Welcome to HIV Bareback Pn P - Zoom Rooms and Hangouts.Since our inception, September 2016, we've grown into a diverse bunch, primarily of gay men.Getting a kid out of it is the least of your problems. just wondering how woman feel on preference of having sex bareback or condoms!Me, I love bareback sex, but but, not if its just a casual sexual encounter, If we are commited and have been with one another for a while, then yes..jco415 wrote [Just remember that if you're slinging baby batter, you gotta trust the oven isn't on! I prefer bareback because I enjoy the juiciness of cum. There are also women who have had kids in their mid 60's. I use condoms for safe sex,but recently I was asked by a D/D free lady to not wear a condom because she prefered bareback to feel me cum in her! You will have no right to be pissed at her or to call her a, "FCUKIN' WHORE", as you are heading to the doctors office to burn those bumps off your pee-pee or worse.And you happen to be sure about her being100% DD free how? BTW you didn't state specifically HOW you are sure either...To each their own, but using a condom is really not that much of an inconvenience.After our children were born it was back to condoms - horrible - totally awful - i hated them and she was...

I love to feel a man squirting his *** deep up inside of my *****, and feeling...

hoping hell knock me up and **** me like the dirty ***** I am. Some couples use the pull out method of birth control as a way to have bareback sex.

The man then ********** on the woman's stomach, on her **** or on some other area. I couldn't because ******* deep into ***** feels too good to...

We look forward to your participation to help it grow into what you want it to be. Postings will be moderated (see Rules), in part, to ensure they meet Google guidelines (i.e. Members can choose to geographically identify themselves by also posting in their region. Rules for HIV Bareback Pn P - Zoom Rooms & Hangouts: You may be banned or removed, and/or your post removed, if you:i) harass, abuse, or provoke membersii) post nude/naked/sexually explicit images or videos.

sexually explicit pictures & nudity is not allowed. If it wouldn't get past the censors on network television in the US or Canada, it shouldn't be posted here.iii) make off-topic posts.

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Posts should have something to do with being HIV , bareback sex, PNPing, or group video chat, and hitting 2 or more of those is a bonus.iv) Discuss common or uncommon 'taboo's' (e.g. Referring to 'taboo' is overlooked as it's vague - take it privately.v) Post promotional material of any kind (at discretion of Moderators)vi) Use this community as a space to report violations (just email us)Currently there are two Moderators: bcvan and Tim M.

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