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Towanda Braxton, Toni Braxton’s sister who is separated from her husband but still living together. We don’t argue in front of the kids, they don’t see no type of division, so that’s what I want my children to see.

In an interview with Freddyo, this is what she had to say about her situation, “Well you know, me being on the road all the time with my sisters and filming and stuff, I needed someone there of course with my kids and if I’m not there, their father should be there. I tell you what, there is so many people now who are going through the same thing that I am going through because of the recession, because of the economy.

By no means is it fair on a woman to have to see her bf living with another woman no matter what generic excuses he gives ‘She’s not there at the weekends’, ‘i sleep on the couch’, ‘we don’t get on.’ Reply Is it acceptable for my x husband .again boyfriend .allow his other wife to live in his pool house because she was in a car accident and is in a wheelchair…( not paralized) she drives..) I live on our horse ranch so I am not there to see what’s going on….!?!? But he lives that nothing is going comes here and she knows it.Especially if you have been together for years and have kids.” After reading all these comments and chiming in on the conversations that my question provoked, I asked myself the question…what would I do or would I get involved at all? Yes, depending on what their situation was and how soon was his divorce going to be final.I know without a doubt that if a man told me that he was separated but still living with his wife, the first thought that would pop into my head is, “This MF is full of *ish! Now let me think about things from the perspective of a couple that is going through divorce and because of economic issues, one of the two can not afford to move right away. I guess it will all depend on why you were getting divorced?I have not dated since our divorce because I don’t like being messy. lol but now that I am it’s just a bit more complicated than …I don’t know if he’s dating or not, but I don’t think any man who is worth anything would go for that. get separated, get divorced, move out and on with life.

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However I don’t regret the experience as its taught me alot about men, myself and relationships. Having had past experience of several relationships.

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