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It is a statement of absolute superiority, crafted on no foundation of reality other than having the position in society to be able to make such a visual and public statement in the first place.

It is saying, ‘I can be whoever I want to be’ – in some circumstances an admirable claim, but not if it is centred upon a sense of inherent privilege at the expense of those struggling in society.

In many respects, I should have seen it coming from my school days, when the wealthier students stopped wearing Hollister clothing because it was becoming too common.

It was only when I took a gap year then started university that I realised privilege comes in its most dangerous form when it is hidden in plain sight – a paradoxical subversion of one class norm, that of the working classes, to mask another, namely, the middle classes. Posh and privileged - definitely the uncensored bio-line for many elements of university life here.

Join the ‘Recon Men’ interest category for those who are finding their feet• Be inspired by content on the Home feed.he creation of this sub-culture in Cambridge is constantly legitimised through similar sartorial decisions made elsewhere; labels such as Fred Perry and Umbro capitalising on how attaching a price tag to working class culture is somehow on trend.In 2013, a Facebook group titled ‘Wavey Garms’ was founded by Andres Branco, soon experiencing a meteoric rise, expanding with new groups such as ‘Wavey Garms Ladies’ and ‘Wavey Kicks’.To see other galleries, you must be a Premium member.Notice: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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hen I look back to when I first started Cambridge, my conception of privilege was, admittedly, a sheltered one.

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