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You can feel it pounding, you can feel it throbbing in your neck. But now your mind starts racing: What is atrial fibrillation? I’d had a few mild episodes of rapid, erratic heartbeat several years before, sometime in 2002.

You check your pulse—140 beats per minute, maybe more. They hook you up to an IV, give you some drugs and soon, gradually, you begin to feel almost normal again. What drugs were in that drip (and what are the side effects)? A Little History I went to the emergency room with atrial fibrillation on February 15, 2008.

They tell you, “You have atrial fibrillation.” Atrial fibwhat?

I did ask my doctor about it and he hooked me up to an ECG (electrocardiograph) machine, examined the paper as the graphs sputtered out, and said everything looked normal. If it really bothered me I could go to the emergency room when it was happening and they should be able to tell me more.

When that’s out of the way, I should see him in his office for a follow up appointment. He was always going to update it but he never got around to it.He prescribes Cardizem CD 180 mg once a day, plus an aspirin (81 mg once a day). Robert would battle afib on and off over the years and would eventually have an ablation in 2016. The GOP needs the right kind of win, not a simple "check-the-box" win or a perfunctory "we-finally-did-something" win.You think you’re healthy, eat well, take good care of yourself (well, maybe you could get more exercise). Within an hour or so, I usually felt a bit better and went about my business. I would feel my heart begin to race, feel anxious and weak, and have to lie down.

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“IF LIGHTHEADEDNESS, SHORTNESS OF BREATH, CHEST PAIN, NAUSEA, SWEATINESS, THEN CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.”But I think I’ll be good for another month. Making the 911 Call The next night, I wake up in the middle of the night to pee. In the ambulance, they give me some more nitro for the chest pain. Oh, that’s probably just a side effect of the medication.

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