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This was not the strangest thing that had happened to me this night. She had attached a leash to my collar and used it to pull me closer. It felt good and my penis prison was definitely too small. I don't think I liked that."It was my first time on a horse and I was amazed at all the leather and straps they use to control it. I have always been the smallest girl around, and here I was, making this giant beast go where I wanted."I had my first orgasm smelling leather and controlling something so much larger than me."She pulled my head into her lap. "And if you are able to get it hard after that..get to ram it up my ass."She squeezed my package. I was frantically chewing the gag, begging her to let me cum. There was no way I was going to be able to get it up. Before I left she showed the computer screen to me. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of shears slicing through cloth. "Are you going to be a good slave and wear what your Mistress gives you? I was pretty sure she was doing it wrong, but I was hardly in a position to tell her that. I expected to feel the corsets squeeze, instead I heard the soft whirring as something descended from the ceiling. At first she had to hold the corset in place, but it quickly tightened and she stood back and watched my increasing discomfort. "She's new so she still thinks of you as human." From her desk she took a measuring device that I had seen in shoe stores. The alley was well lit and most of the buildings had cameras. I found the purse and my car keys, dumped the bags on the passenger seat and sped for home. If I had been worried about the reaction of being caught in just panties.... I waited until the closest car was two blocks away before I made my move. I could probably have removed the stockings, but I doubted I was flexible enough to get them back on. In some other situation it would have been enjoyable, tonight it was a distraction. What I focused on was Bonnie back in her chair with her legs spayed wide open. I think sex is the same.""You use heroin to..""Oh fuck no! ""No," She grinned a little sheepishly, "Horses."She had joined me on the floor and continued to stroke and play with my bound body. Then you get to fuck me." She reached down and was bouncing my bound balls in her hand. She licked, nipped and tongued me but kept easing off whenever I got close to release. She was working on her laptop as I cleaned, smiling as she watched my every move. Problem was, I had to wear the panties and stockings under my jeans. I had a bolt cutter that would easily break the lock off. I kissed her good bye, promising to see her on Friday. I got them and the panties on, grabbed the rest of my clothes and dove out the door. I finished dressing while waiting for the elevator. Bonita gave me directions and warned me not to get lost. Oh well." She walked behind me and grabbed the waistband of my jeans. Still holding the shears she grabbed my trapped cock and balls. Much more and she'll go all billboard."She read my confusion. She started from the bottom of the corset and worked her way up. As much as I would have liked to disagree with her, the fullness of my cage told me I was enjoying the attention. She pulled it behind me and fussed with it for a few moments. And my corset quickly tightened: the laces were tied to the damn thing! Soon I was panting, unable to get more than a sip of air. She expertly rolled the stocking up my leg and attached it to three garters which hung from the corset."When you are my property, no hair on your body." She said, breaking the silence. "Get going asshole, before I decide you need make-up."I grabbed the handles of all the bags and stumbled out the door. For once I was glad we didn't have a guard or security cameras. I quickly turned and sat, allowing all the pee to make it into the bowl. It was getting late.early..applied, so I decided to get some sleep.Sign up at Free Hook Ups, and meet sexy women today!You will be blown away by how We have thousands of hot sexy local women who are looking for a guy like you.

She grabbed handfuls of hair and drove me into her again and again. "Make me come, slave."To be honest, I really could have used a nap right about then, but instead, I gently caressed her nether lips. I parted her, sliding two fingers in while my thumb rubbed against her clit. Soon, hot drops of her juices were splashing on my chest. "Oh well, if you can't you can't." I felt her pull my balls and slide something up them, pausing to force my cock into it as well. I was able to get in my apartment without any neighbors opening their doors. Okay..."Man forced into corset" How many sites would answer to that? "I wormed my way into a pair of sweatpants and a loose hoodie. Hopefully my third drive of the night would end this nightmare. She fumbled a bit before I felt the hard cylinder sliding of my shaft. She freed my from the aluminum and I reached for my clothes."Ahem." she said, pointing to the stains on her carpet. "Be a good slave and wear your uniform while you work."My uniform......panties and stockings? Under her directions, I hooked a garter belt to my waist and rolled the stockings up my legs. "When you come on Friday, you'll wear a new set of pretties. Bra, panties, stockings and..something you hope will please me."If I am displeased I will share your movies with your friends."I got the message."And.." She clicked a few more buttons. You had better be out the door in two minutes or I'll update your status to "Sissy."The chastity was very easy to get on. This woman had insulted me, robbed me and forced me to be her prisoner. "Open." She commanded, holding a cock gag to my mouth. After a very log wait she returned with a shoe box. "When she gets tired of you, I'm going to complete your training. It took me a few minutes to discover that I had to first pull a pin out of the buckle before I could open it. My legs were forced wide open, with my cock straining to get free of its plastic prison. "Are you going to cheat on your Mistress with someone else? "I told you, ALWAYS bound."I didn't have an answer for that. " I asked hopefully."It's in that closet." I opened the door and found the rug cleaner with a few pieces of lingerie draped on it. Mistress." Crazy lady has keys to my cock..go along with her games until....well, until. I was blank for a few seconds, then I was filled with the terror of what she could do. "Lock it back on and get dressed, you have some shopping to do."I looked at a clock. Everything's closed.""Not where you're going slave boy. Wordlessly she pulled the paper out of my hands and shoved another at me. Once I was locked in, she used a remote to retract the chains. The corset stays on until your Mistress says otherwise."She grabbed my face in her hand and pulled me closer. You get naked and I'll slip into something less comfortable! Bonnie opened the hinged circle which had been behind my balls. ""Um...really odd." I honestly answered."How does THIS feel? My proud erection disappeared and my cock shrank and shrank.

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