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Lee dong gun dating

[ 2,769, -50] I hope they're happy, they match well 4. [ 1,079, -24] Jo Yun Hee matches him so much better than Jiyeon, no? [ 966, -15] I knew this would happen, I could tell from the way she looked at him, it looked so real. [ 798, -13] I remember watching their drama with my mom and saying that he should break up with Jiyeon to date Jo Yun Hee and it actually happened ㅋㅋㅋ 10.

[ 2,189, -49] Hul I had my doubts but this is daebak 6. [ 904, -18] I knew they had a vibe going on towards the end ㅋㅋㅋ Lee Dong Gun was never that great of an actor but his acting picked up because it was genuine 9.

With news breaking out recently regarding Lee Dong Gun's breakup with T-ara's Jiyeon, the couple wanted to keep things on the down low.

A TV source stated, "It has been discovered that the two people have just started dating.

And now IU and JIYEON have ended their 'older male' romantic relationships. Maybe JIYEON did accept the idea that it was a TEMPORARY couple situation. It's possible that someone told Jiyeon and she caught them. PERHAPS they were in a two year relationship where it was mutually understood that it was *not* likely to result in a *marriage* situation between them.

Could SUZY (with LEE MIN HO) be 'next' on the 'It's Over' list? They both get 'seen' as a 'celebrity couple' and benefit from the 'publicity' of that. Personally, I have NO IDEA what the 'expectations' were between them. He was either already having feelings for this other woman when they were together or already seeing her.

According to an exclusive report by TV Report, it has been revealed that actor Lee Dong Gun (36) and actress Jo Yoon Hee (34) are dating.Dong Gun's agency FNC Entertainment and Yoon Hee's agency King Kong by Starship released a statement on their love life.The note read: "The two of them developed romantic feelings and began dating near the end of 'Laurel Tree Tailors.' Please support them." Dong Gun and Yoon Hee were co-stars in the drama Laurel Tree Tailors. A source told All Kpop: "It has been discovered that the two people have just started dating.And less a situation of *either* of them considering it something that had 'long term' possibilities. I have several friends who were crew members on their drama.So, SUZY, IU, and JIYEON are supposed to be pretty good personal friends. Hopefully, JIYEON did figure that this *was* the likely ending ; before it did happen. They said (and this is just me repeating what they said, cannot substantiate or confirm) that these 2 were dating in September.

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