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This is the result of two primary drivers, competition among China’s tech titans for the Chinese consumer, and the extraordinarily rapid adoption of new technologies by Chinese consumers in general.

We Chat and Facebook could be on a collision course if one looks at it from a “share of screen time” statistic on any given mobile device.

Help us understand the difference and whether there is some overlap?

From the e Commerce checkout page (think any that has a shopping cart), a unique QR code is generated at checkout which is then scanned by the customers We Chat mobile app where they then confirm their account (password / pin), select a payment method, and complete the purchase. However, few international brands have taken advantage of this payment solution to date leaving many consumers left with few options when it comes to actually buying the products they want with Wechat Pay. How are We Chat Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) similar/different from influencers – like Mommy bloggers or extreme sports gearheads and like – that US online retailers have woven into their social marketing programs?Several retail executives at GELF LA 2016 (Sept 8th) will be sharing insights about how brands are connecting with online shoppers in Asia via messaging boards.Today we chat with Gabriel Grisham, Head of Growth @Nihao Pay about how and why We Chat’s convenience and mobile commerce capabilities is fueling its hyper-growth. The GELF community started hearing about chat commerce and We Chat early last year and now we’ve hearing more about contextual commerce’s buy buttons being the Next Big Thing.But, at least for the time being, We Chat is so far out in front it appears Facebook is looking to use their playbook to expand its services here in the US. Gabriel will be joining the GELF community in Los Angeles next month at GELF LA and will sharing more insights about connecting and transacting with Chinese consumers.And although we’re sure he will also share more information about Nihao Pay, here is a quick introduction.

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It’s an oversight by so many brands – or a missed opportunity really – so it is difficult to put a number to the ROI right now. Is We Chat mostly a mobile commerce story – or is it equally relevant to desktop-based ecommerce? We Chat has a very good desktop site that is integrated with their mobile application.

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