Updating your spiritual gps

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This place brings you high up and above Honolulu and is great for healing, meditations, energy meetings, relaxing and else.

This next workshop is for healers, psychics, time travelers, light-workers, angels and those who use/channel lots of energy for their work: During this workshop you will receive a few guided meditations and instructions that will help you to get your mind silent, get solid grounded, make an energy protection shield, center your spirit, learn to be in the moment, empower your energy field, clean your body on energetic level, and so on...Continue another mile or more till you see a sign with: MEETUP.Turn here left and park your car close by the house.like: grounding, light-protection, third eye activation. The meetings gives also possibilities to understand more about energy healing, Reiki, sound healing and the use of our [personal-given] special abilities.You can make - when you wish for - appointments with me on other days: To receive healing and meditations, more personal sessions. Reiki: You also have the opportunity to receive initiations / attunements in levels Butterfly reiki 1/2/3/4/5/6.

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