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We're setting up this thread for anyone that's thinking of applying to study with us in 2016.To get the ball rolling, perhaps you'd like to tell us your name and what you're thinking of studying. If you haven't already, pop over and 'Like' us for updates.Catch up with the very latest information, photos of fabulous nights out in Bournemouth and more!Looking through the songs on this album, there is some definitive language that would probably be familiar to those of us in the recovery world, and when you listen, the desperation and pain of a man in early recovery seem layered over the surface of these vocals.Talking BMTH Bring Me the Horizon (BMTH) is awesome… They work really well into my slam-dance-Saturday routine.

One song in particular entitled “Can You Feel My Heart” says it clearly in a way I feel a lot of addicts can probably understand: Yes… My every waking moment in addiction in those exact words.

Speaking Addiction with Oliver ‘Oli’ Sykes In the band’s album notes, all of Bring Me the Horizon’s lyrics are credited to being written by Oliver Sykes, while all five members as a band wrote the music, so when we look at the lyrics it’s no surprise they translate a lot to the heart of an addict trying to rebuild. But now he sees his battle with addiction and his journey thus far in recovery as a blessing in disguise because without it the band would not be able to make the music they are making now.

Back in July Oli Sykes was onstage to accept the award for Best Album at the AP Music Awards for Bring Me the Horizon’s , I was a f—— drug addict. While the music is drastically different with this new softer voice style Sykes is using, the message behind it seems to be one of great weight and dedication to an intimate internal growth from the distress and hopelessness of active addiction.

Author: Justin Mckibben Music has power, to some of us it is the heartbeat and life-blood of our lives.

Music is the diverse and intrinsic translation of the world we love into a variety of voices and tempos that decorate, elaborate and celebrate everything that we are as people, and there is something very transcending and spiritual about music.

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