Native american dating customs

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If the girl didn't want to marry him, she would just keep walking past him.If she stopped, that was taken as a yes and they would exchange a marriage token.Often the father would consider the wishes of a favored daughter, but this wasn't always the case.If gifts were accepted and the father approved, the girl would have no say in the matter, even if she was opposed to the marriage.It would then be up to the girl to decide a date for the wedding.If a Sioux girl were interested in a particular young man, and was of marrying age, she might stand outside her family's tipi under close parental supervision, wrapped in a blanket and wait for him to come by.

When a new lodge went up, the whole village knew a marriage proposal would soon be coming and watched to see at whose lodge the bride gifts would be left.Sioux girls were taught that chastity before marriage was such a virtue, that even an implied loss of it would prevent them from being worthy of praying to the Great Spirit.This was so ingrained into their culture and belief system that they would not even look directly at a member of the opposite sex that was not a family member, and they were given few opportunities to be alone with potential suitors.Today, a Sioux Wedding Prayer would probably be included in the ceremony, but in the old days, a Sioux wedding was very informal.Once a son announced his intention to seek a bride, his mother would begin making a new elk skin lodge and gathering materials for the interior furnishings needed for daily living.

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