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Whatever the name of the sites, they weren’t great, at least not by today’s standards.

The video connection was lagging at best and the design and features…well let’s just say the idea behind it was great, everything else…not so much.

The problem with these types of sites is that they are pretty expensive.

Most of them, including Fap Shows and Im Live have one main way of interacting with the cam models and that is by going into a private chat.

Just like I mentioned in our review of the site, their service hasn’t really changed all that much during this time.

For me at least, it’s hard to believe a site can maintain its basic layout and features for this long.

From there you can get the "Add pictures" in-app purchase which is FREE. I really don’t enjoy that having to re-type my characters names!

Back in the early days, Cam Contacts was another very popular destination for cam users.

A woman asked her husband to pose as a woman online to discovered the gulf in how different genders are treated – and he was bombarded with sexual messages within seconds.

Feminist speaker Jessica Eaton, from Staffordshire, wanted her husband Alex to discover what it’s like to use the internet as a woman.

It’s revolting." Another said: “Thank you for this info.

This is a simple app with endless possibilities.********** Frequently Asked Questions **********If your question is not here or the answer doesn't help = [email protected]: Nothing is happening when I press on the "create video" button, what can I do?

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