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Who is dave coulier dating

He said, "Dave, you've got this Full House pilot." And I just thought, Wow, that was so easy. And in the script it would just say: Dave will come up with something funny here. DC: (Laughs.) I stole that from a good friend of mine named Mark Cendrowski, who now directs The Big Bang Theory.

One of the most enduring things about your Joey is his trademark phrase "Cut. We've been friends since we were 8 years old and we used to shoot little 8mm film comedies with a camera his dad had given us.

Now 54 years old, the actor who started his career as stand-up comedian and voice-over artist spoke with Buzz Feed ahead of his appearance on Oprah: Where Are They Now? Why did you decide to go into doing the whole clean comedy thing?

about his memories making the iconic show, what happened to Mr. Dave Coulier: Well, it wasn't really a route that I chose; it was a route that was kinda chosen for me. I wanted jokes to ring true for that national audience.

His career as a comedian began when he impersonated his high school principal, an act that did not go over well.

He played varsity hockey alongside John Blum at Notre Dame High School in Harper Woods, Michigan.Is that something that you hated or learned to embrace early on?DC: Well, when you're a struggling comedian, you pray for a Full House every single day of your life. Woodchuck was very expensive to make and build and I had a hand in what his design looked like.But, if you look at the top-touring comedians right now, Jim Gaffigan and Brian Regan, completely clean. Everyone knows you as Joey from Full House, but many people from the same generation might be surprised to know you did lots of voice acting in cartoons throughout the '80s, like Muppet Babies and Ghostbusters. I was always the funny guy in the locker room and when you got 20 guys sitting around, you have a captive audience.So I would just do impressions of teammates, or coaches, or guys that we knew and that's kinda how I started – then people started telling me, "You know you're pretty good at that." And, so I guess, enough people told me to the point where I started to believe it myself and I guess it turned into a career, didn't it? " And that was my first voice-over job working for Scooby-Doo, believe it or not. DC: I went on a cattle-call audition — they were auditioning every comedian from New York and Los Angeles.

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DC: It's going to sound really cheesy, but the enduring friendships that I still have.

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