Who is angus t jones dating now

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Who is angus t jones dating now

American actor Angus Turner Jones, who portrayed Jake Harper for a decade, has been causing huge waves in the media following his departure from the immensely popular sitcom Two and a Half Men.Even before his recent controversial media appearances, Angus was extremely well-renowned in the industry as the highest earning teen actor who reportedly collected a hefty sum of over 0,000 for each episode of Two and a Half Men.“She was brought onto the [] set and that’s how they know each other.” According to those close to the couple, Jones, 19, and Sarah, 17, also attend the same church in Toluca Lake, Calif. It was that Christian church which posted the video in which the child star noted his desire to no longer be part of .“I don’t think her dad knows the extent of their relationship,” our source told us.

“He reached out to her dad and asked to be introduced to her,” one source said.

Angus’ alleged girlfriend may not be a celeb herself, but her face probably looks familiar to tons of fandoms out there!

Meet Sarah M, or, as she’s more commonly referred to as, Stalker Sarah!

Prior to Two and a Half Men, Angus had appeared in movies like Simpatico, See Spot Run, Dinner With Friends and The Rookie.

He received the Carmie Award for The Rookie in 2003.

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