Midget chat line

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Midget chat line

Here's a location on the Forum where you can put those jokes and stories and links that are too good not to share -- without worrying that the owner of the site will get all huffy and ask you to delete your post.

Klik 'Toestaan' om "Minigolf Multiplayer" te spelen! Elk spel op is grondig gecheckt op virussen en andere mogelijke problemen, volgens onze strikte richtlijnen. Als je vragen hebt, kan je ons natuurlijk altijd contacteren.The lamp holder shall be mounted on an adjustable bracket to allow adjustment of the field.The optical train shall contain only optical grade lenses. Relamping shall be accomplished by releasing the 1/4 turn fasteners opening the top door.A: "Sorry, I'm a little short" Q: Why do midgets always laugh when playing soccer? Q: What is the difference between a clever midget and a venereal disease? A: Short changed Q: What is the definition of "pissed off"? A: One is a cunning runt, and the other is a running cunt. A: When he is standing next to your miss saying her hair smells nice Q: Why can't midgets wear tampons?

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Field and Stream Magazine rated this lure in the top 50 lures of all time.