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Also, some of the lingerie and other pieces have choker pieces on them that aren't at all '90s. CL: Mine is a combination of Stevie Nicks and Patti Smith. I think it's a really different thing than wearing a costume or being dressed by a stylist or being in fashion.I mean, I think there's definitely iconic looks that different celebrities have, but they're all wearing contraptions and not something that they found in their boyfriend's closet and turned it into their own thing. What Miley wears is so cool and interesting and stuff, but trying to copy Jeremy Scott making you into a giant Star of David is kind of hard.

It's happening at the same time, and it's happening in a modern way.

I really like Sophia's company, I like the ethos, I like the clothes. But I know what you should do and I know who you should meet." And me and Sophia clicked right away. The spirit of our brand isn't a far cry from the spirit of Courtney Love.

Sophia Amoruso: is named after an album by Betty Davis, who was this super outspoken, raunchy, bold, funk singer in the '70s who was married to Miles Davis. There's few women out there in music history who have such an iconic style and one that has been co-opted over the decades by everyone, and never really given credit to her for. SA: I just think every decade is back and every decade is here to stay.

Though Love, Courtney is a mix of all of the aforementioned sartorial-slayage, these aren't the tattered plaids she fell upon in West Coast thrift stores.

Many of the looks are sleek, sexy (she's been hunting for the perfect lace catsuit since forever, so she fucking made it) and glam.

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This isn't really nineties, but those pants that basically show your pubic bones. I don't think it's gonna be going to Target or Macy's or Bergdorf's any time soon.