Emma roberts and chord overstreet dating Voice chating with sluts

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Emma roberts and chord overstreet dating

Later that year, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift met on the set of .

On-screen, they played a high school couple who were totally obsessed with each other, and irl, things were basically the same.

Taylor squared, as they came to be known, dated for just a few months in 2009 before their relationship eventually fizzled.

Selena and Taylor's friendship, however, is still going strong.

Or maybe it’s that report of Zac holding hands with a dude that’s throwing me off here.

Something just doesn’t feel right about this story, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Taylor and Harry were first linked back in December of 2012, and even though they only dated for a couple of months, their romance inspired half of Taylor's 1989 album.

Just like Taylor, Kendall only briefly dated Harry after they were first linked in November 2013.

Still, I’ve got nothing against Emma’s actressing — she was cute and affable a few years ago in , which states that Emma and Zac hung out together at the People’s Choice Awards in January and have just now hooked up at a Hollywood party.

's Dianna Agron share more than a talent for flawlessly playing the mean girl on TV.

The friends, who have been spotted hanging out everywhere from Coachella to the red carpet over the years, also share an ex.

In the words of Gretchen Weiners, "Ex-boyfriends are just like, off limits to friends" — and that's usually true, in the real world.

But in Hollywood, all of the dating rules are different.

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