Freddy and sam dating episode

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Freddy and sam dating episode

• You'll notice, in i Goodbye, a lot of "nods" (references) to past episodes of i Carly. I don't know know much much about motorcycles, but Jerry Trainor does, so he helped me pick what kind we should use.In this first scene, Carly and Sam mention Miss Briggs's "pointy boobs" – which they talked about in the first episode. This scene begins in Carly and Spencer's apartment, with Spencer getting a tool to work on a motorcycle – and then Sam and Freddie enter the apartment, together. And as a special bonus, a Triumph is the kind of motorcycle that Fonzie rode, on the classic TV show Happy Days.• Just before filming this scene, I experienced one of my most awkward moments ever, as executive producer of i Carly! • Yep, in this scene, we learn the name of another one of Socko's relatives – Ryder.It was when the costumers brought Mindy ("Miss Briggs") to me, and asked, "Do you think we made Mindy's boobs look pointy enough? And since this is the last i Carly, that will be the final Socko relative we hear of. He and Sam are going out on their first date together. What Freddie Benson used to think was the stuff of nightmares is about to come true. I've cast Jeremy in lots of my shows, including Drake & Josh, The Amanda Show, and others.• According to makeup artist Michael Johnston, it takes approximately 28 minutes to apply Lewbert's hairy mole to his cheek.

Two of my other shows, Drake & Josh and Zoey 101, were coming to an end, and i Carly was my new project.

When Sam and Freddie get away from it all, by taking a road trip, the summer in between their senior high school and freshman year of college, will their relationship evolve from just friends, or somethng more? Sam doesn't want to loose her best friend, and the nub she can't stop thinking about. But the feelings that erupted within both of them that night have the power to change their friendship into something more..only they would admit it.

It was meant to be a harmless first kiss-simply in order to 'get it out of the way'.

Thanks to Drake Bell, for introducing me to Michael.• I had to get in one last reference to Build-A-Bra! Actually, I had always thought about doing an episode where Gibby got a part-time job at Build-A-Bra... "• When Spencer is coughing and trying to stand up, Jerry improvised the line "I'm Spencer" – which made me laugh out loud when I heard it again in editing. Why does he feel the need to identify himself to himself? :) fast food restaurant – and one of Sam Puckett's favorites – Tubba Chicken – where she gets one of her favorite meals... This quick little scene takes place in the mall at a kiosk where Freddie is trying to buy a cell phone case. We couldn't do the final episode of i Carly without Freddie's mom! :)• The very end of this scene had to be filmed several days after most of it was filmed.

but I decided not to (I thought it was a bit "much" for a TV show that airs on a kids' network – you know). a tub of chicken.• As I'm watching this scene, and typing these Fun Facts for you, I'm realizing how much I love Sam-Spencer scenes. I think one of my favorite Sam-Spencer adventures was the "Assassin" game they played (like paint ball). • How cool are the huge Pear Phones in the background??? I love him, looking in the mirror, trying to convince himself that the Side Packer isn't so bad. And with her is a very special girl in my life, otherwise known as my adorable wife, Lisa (a.k.a. She appeared in one episode of Drake & Josh, and I told her she had to appear in the last i Carly. :)• Doesn't the fact that Gibby loves animals and defends them make me love him even more? The reason: the motorcycle battery died, so we couldn't finish the scene.

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The song was written by Michael Corcoran, the musical genius that does all the music for all my shows.