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Bowls, tea pots and vases were the major part but a few figural items of elephants, bears and other are considered highly collectible by collectors. Gustav Ottosen trak sig ud i 1952 pga af sygdom, hvorved Johannes M. Joh-&-Gus er en sammentrkning af de to ejeres navn.

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Produktionen bestod af vaser, skle, reklameartikler, figurer og kakler p bestilling. 1912) established a studio with his wife Annelise in Taastrup in 1948, called Palshus.

They began to produce very fine ceramics in simple signature glazes openly adopted from Japanese potters.

He did create a few studio pieces with the AB incised, but most of his works were from the production line with a painted AB and an item number the lower the earlier. Pedersen og Gustav Ottosen stiftede sammen vrkstedet i Rnne p Bornholm 1944. Gustav Ottosen had to withdraw due to illness in 1952 So Johannes M.

Under Anden Verdenskrig kulminerede produktionen med hele 15 ansatte p vrkstedet, som var aktivt indtil 1951.

Arne Bang havde sin helt egen stil i dansk keramik og fokuserede p teknisk hjt niveau og ypperlighed.

These forms and glazes represented a return to the more primitive, functional ware of the Nordic country tradition.

Palshus was a production shop with only a few studio pieces marked unic.

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The early production was earthenware and terracotta, but the Michael Andersen introduced a production og utensils and decorative items with high fired glazes. Bregnoe, Harald Isenstein, Carlo Rosberg, Sigward Bernadotte.

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