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Yes, we are blessed (or cursed) by the teachings of Aristotle.We Vikings like to have a reason for most of the things that happen in our lives.I've spoken to many Dutch women and girls about this and they seem to agree with how things are done: by paying for their share of things for example they aren't putting themselves in a position of obligation.At the end of the night they don't owe him anything and have more control over how things will go.This would be OK if that meant that they didn't eat, sleep and breathe hockey and all that came with it Probably doesn't help that I really know nothing about the sport so can hardly be impressed when a guy proudly announces that he plays for Heren 1, expecting me to swoon or something.I think this may be narrowed down to the type of guys I've been exposed to mainly; they're known as 'kakkers' and love their long locks, constantly tucking it behind their ears.Here's the reason this Bajan will never date a Dutch man: I'm not expecting Prince Charming to come and sweep me off of my feet, nor do I expect women to be treated as subordinates or anything ridiculous like that but there's a part of me that has a soft spot for the guy who opens doors, offers his seat and even treats a girl to a nice meal.He can be charming as well as respectful, with an understanding of how to treat a lady.

So, for the physical aspect, there is nothing to stop me from engaging in intimacy right away. 😉 Our gentlemanliness shows itself in allowing you to say what you think and see you as the person you are and not only a nice body to use for pleasure.

Dear readers, This piece is a Dutch reply on the the well-written guide by Antonia Chukova. So let’s talk about those Vikings that seem to have invaded Bulgaria with their strange culture, clear blue eyes and above all, tall posture.

We are exotics here, therefore we don’t know about all customs here.

However, I like to know who is behind this stunning body with fitting clothes. Be a little patient and you will see it will be rewarded. We see you as our equals and this stops our cavalierness a bit.

Therefore, I am reluctant to engage in sex right away. Don’t worry, dating a Viking means you have to explain this to him; because it does not come naturally to him, again some patience and encouragement and it will be fine.

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Sure, we are good lovers, we just like to back our sexual capabilities up with trust dedication and commitment.

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