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I asked her whether she’d like to try phone sex, and she agreed.” A few raunchy phone calls in, Sam now knows who to approach and how to make the first move.

“I actually operate a pretty selective match policy.

Using Tinder as a procrastination tool during exam season is nothing new.

But one naughty Cardiff finalist has taken his Tinder game to the next level by indulging in filthy phone chat with his matches.

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At a guess I’d say I’ve spoken to around 10 different girls at this point in time.” The conversation carries an air of nonchalance, as if it shouldn’t surprise me that a final year at Cardiff University likes to get dial-up dirty with his matches on an online dating site: “Last night I was speaking to an older lady I’ve done it with before, Pam, but normally the girls I talk to are in and around Cathays, and it’s usually a one off.