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1000 fishes dating

No one is sure how many giant stingrays are left, which habitats they prefer, or even if they ever venture into the ocean, where their more commonly known relatives dwell.

Douglas has written for the New York Times Green Blog, Popular Mechanics and Discover Magazine. Before that he studied biology and English literature at Washington University in St.

Strongholds for the population include the Fraser River in Canada and the Sacramento River in California, he added.

The largest threats to white sturgeon in North America are dams.

They often bury themselves in sandy or silted river bottoms and breathe through holes, or spiracles, located on top of their bodies.

Stingrays locate prey, usually clams and crabs, with a sensor that can detect an animal's electrical field.

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Though stingrays do not readily attack humans, they are one of the few "monster fish" that can pose a real danger to those who handle them.