Evan rachel wood jim sturgess dating

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Talking to Wood, though, it becomes clear that this isn’t the case. I wasn’t supposed to go out that night and just by chance a friend of mine invited me to the Chateau Marmont,” she says of their meeting.

“And I never go out, but it was after a photo shoot and I was all done up, and I thought, well, all right.

You have no idea.‘” She seems to be floating above her chair.

“That’s why I was late, I was waiting for room service so I could scarf something down,” she apologizes. from two weeks in New York, where she was helping to workshop Julie Taymor’s next Broadway musical.Our weekly Flashback Friday just got a whole lot cooler.We’re still posting some of our favorite covers from past issues of NYLON, but now you can go even more in-depth with our faves by reading the cover stories in their entirety!“I’ve always been a really private person, never big in the tabloids or anything.But you just know it immediately when you get into something like that, not only because he’s very famous, but because the relationship is so strange to so many people that it’s going to draw attention,” she says.

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Yep--consider this your really rad trip down memory lane.