Dating business patners

Posted by / 23-Oct-2017 08:19

While most husband and wife-run ventures are small businesses — genuine “mom and pop” shops — some, like Eventbrite, are household names.

Like political power couples and celebrity duos, husband and wife business partners are an object of fascination.

“The trust you have in [your spouse as co-manager] is greater than you are likely to have with any other business partner in your life….Part of [the reason that he is] such a good entrepreneur is that he has an eternal optimism that sometimes transcends common sense….I remember thinking: ‘Maybe it’s not a good idea to move in together, get engaged and start a company together all within three months.'” Six years later, however, Eventbrite is a powerful force in the online ticket industry.But for others, the prospect of a co-worker spouse is cringe-worthy.Regardless of which camp you fall in, it is natural to look at husband and wife business partners and wonder: How do they make it work?

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They make an assumption because they think they already know and understand the other person, and they assume they already know his or her perspective.