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Sedating child dental work

Doctor: Team: Special Team Training Breakout Section This section is led by DOCS Education faculty Dr. He will provide your team members with the vital skills they need to ensure your practice implements pediatric sedation dentistry as efficiently, intelligently and safely as possible.The step-by-step approach to case selection, parent communication, drug/s selection and dosage, drug/s administration will be discussed.Minimal conscious sedation using an orally administered sedative and amnesic (no memory) drug with NO analgesia can change the way you treat pediatric patients.Transform these multiple appointment and difficult cases into a single "no memory" appointment.

We may not be keen on sedating our children but, if there is ever a time to do so, this is during a visit to the dentist’s office.

"I brought some of the team with me, including two hygienists and our assistant manager—all of whom are extremely reluctant to try new things.

I sat at lunch today listening with amazement as they told me what we need to do to implement this in our practice!

John Bovia brings his 30 years of experience in emergency medical services in order to lead attendees through six emergency scenarios.

These six scenarios will be programmed into the high fidelity human simulators that have direct application for pediatric dentists who sedate children in their office.

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