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“Sexting” is the practice of sending sexually explicit texts, photos, or videos via cell phone.

“It’s almost the normal order of operation now,” says one man.

The students answered several yes/no questions that ranged from “In the last six months have you texted someone a sexual message to flirt with them?

” to whether or not they participated in a variety of sexual activities from kissing to intercourse and whether they had casual or serious romantic partners.

Sexually explicit photos are becoming more commonplace among teens and pre-teens on social media, in part because school officials and parents aren’t addressing the practice.

That’s why we bring you our list of 15 messages to send to start the sexting game WITHOUT being graphic. For those times when you want to kink things up a bit!

“You text back and forth and pretty soon you’re exchanging hot photos.” Why do people do it?

The way some teenagers see it, “having a naked picture of your significant other on your cellphone is an advertisement that you’re sexually active,” says a senior deputy prosecuting attorney quoted in “It’s an electronic hickey.” One teenager even calls it a form of “safe sex.” After all, she says, “you can’t get pregnant from it and you can’t transmit S. D.’s.” Other reasons teenagers sext include the following: Once you send a photo via cell phone, you no longer own it, nor can you control how it might be used​—⁠or how it will affect your reputation.

“People post pictures of themselves on their Facebook pages,” he says.

And even though his high school talks to students about bullying in substance abuse, he says sexting has never been discussed or punished.

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The video, according to PETA India’s government affairs liaison Nikunj Sharma, was shot by the Israel-based ‘Anonymous for Animal Rights’ last year at various major hatcheries and farms in the two Telugu States. Sharma said, documented problems with incubator-caused deformities, cutting of chicks’ beaks with hot blades without anesthetics, tossing unwanted chicks into large grinders, being drowned in bins, tossed into fires and so on.

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