Updating kitchen range hoods

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Updating kitchen range hoods

What that appliance advertisement omits is that the retail price of the equipment is only the starting point.

First, the floor must be shored up to support the sizeable load.

"But these Viking and Dacor and Thermador cooktops require hoods that can handle up to 1,200 CFM, nearly 10 times the amount." According to Craig Napravnik of Broan-Nu Tone (a manufacturer of range hoods, ventilation fans and indoor air quality products) the industry rule-of-thumb to insure proper ventilation is to add up the total BTUs of a range's burners, divide by 100, and the result is the number of CFMs needed.

You must also decide how your hood may be vented in order to disperse all unwanted vapors from the stove and protect the beauty and structure of your kitchen cabinets as well as protect the lung health of your and your family.

An ad in a glossy magazine depicts a kitchen full of contented dinner party guests gathered around a royal blue, enameled cast-iron range the size of a golf cart.

The flipside of this, of course, is that a water supply line must be run to a new location in the kitchen.

And unlike in a restaurant kitchen, there is no drain in the floor to catch the overflow.

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And because they do so with energy rather than heat, they don't require nearly the ventilation of their gas counterparts.

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