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Frankie j dating

She then began to set her eyes on the newly-single Chris Sharpe. told Liberty that he was actually impressed with her for being brave and speaking her mind. T., letting him know that she still had feelings for him after four years. A guy walks in with his stuff and introduces himself as Kelly.When Emma found out, she tried to win Chris back, saying that it would ruin her reputation if Chris began dating Liberty after her. Realizing that nobody is happy, Emma says she will sort everything out.Her best friends are Manny and Emma, but her relationship with Emma has remained hot/cold over the years until college. She also found herself in the middle of controversy when Emma saw Mr. Emma believed that Armstrong was molesting Liberty. Liberty's stomach was starting to show a lot by this point. Liberty asked Toby, Danny and Derek to put items in the box too, so her baby can see how many good people were watching over him. After having a rough previous year, Liberty hoped that her senior year would be the best year of her life stating that it would be the crowning achievement of her academic career. Her year soon changed when Mia Jones and her daughter Isabella moved to Degrassi. T., who Liberty still had feelings for, started dating Mia. On Liberty's 17th birthday, Manny and Emma threw a party for her so Manny could get her mind off of Craig. her true feelings for him stating she still loved him. After exams are over Liberty found out that her essay won Natasha Bentingfield at prom.Liberty and Manny remain with their tight grip as best friends and always have each other's back. She was running for student council secretary, and was an avid supporter of Ashley in her bid for presidency, but also promised to be supportive of J. When she told Manny, Terri happened to overhear the conversation. began working at a pharmacy, but turned to selling Oxycodone to support Liberty and their baby. Later on, Liberty's council duties and overachieving began to affect her condition. She wanted to get back with him but he went for Mia when Liberty was being tyrant. Via word of mouth from Toby to Danny and Derek to Spinner to Marco to college kids who told everyone, hundreds of people, including Drake Lempkey and Johnny Di Marco from Lakehurst, showed up. Toby asked Liberty to be his date and she said yes, but she revealed her feelings for Damian, which left him angry at her because he wanted to become more than just friends.She also showed her jealousy when Emma won the school's science fair. Seemingly content with her new romance, Liberty felt comfortable enough to advise J. to ask Manny to the dance, knowing that he developed feelings for her. Manny introduces her to Gwen, her roommate, but Emma ignores her.After finding out that Emma's mother was dating Mr. When Manny wanted to change her image and become hot, she proceeded to wear visible thongs and underwear, which disturbed Liberty. T.'s relationship stating, "My sister's the smartest girl in school and you don't even have an IQ." Danny and J. It gets awkward when Emma announces that she’s “fixed” the mistake, she and Manny are roommates now.

However, it appeared that Chris was never interested in Liberty to begin with. Given the tragic shooting that left Jimmy paralyzed and Rick dead, Mr. T.'s idea to create such a dark, morbid play such as 'Dracula'. Emma shows up with breakfast for everyone, but is left alone because they already had plans.

Simpson, Liberty demanded that Emma give up the trophy, as she felt that she was the rightful winner of the competition and Emma only won due to bias on Mr. so much that she clumsily almost got him expelled by decorating his locker and the latter being punished for vandalism. It is presumed that she was the one who informed Mr. Liberty returns to Degrassi for her sophomore year along with her younger brother Danny. When Liberty arrives, Emma lets her know that she and Manny are her new roommates, along with a girl named Kelly.

Simpson's part, however, Simpson later said that all the judges unanimously agreed that Emma's was the best. At the beginning of the year, Liberty revealed that she and Towerz had broken up over the summer. kissed her back, thus returning the love she had for him. Liberty and Manny are unenthusiastic about it because they were having fun meeting new people.

In Didn't We Almost Have It All, Liberty is all set to join her mother's sorority, Psi Alpha Zeta, but when a new sorority, Pi Gamma Pi, appears to her with more options but higher prospects, she tries to prove to Dakota and everyone that she can handle the party lifestyle.

Manny and Emma tell Liberty that she should still be herself and shouldn't change for the sorority.

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In Touch of Grey, Liberty starts to notice that Emma is using marijuana.