Who is george lamb dating

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Who is george lamb dating

had the foresight to tell me it was a very big world out there. My mum is very much a mother hen, the one you go to if you're in trouble; and she was also on a spiritual drive for most of the Eighties, so it was a bit of a halfway house for characters from all over the world. My dad is an actor and my mum was an entrepreneur who had numerous businesses when I was a kid. It's quite hard to find them together, but when you do it's amazing.

I wish that would stop.""My summers are pretty one-dimensional. I'm heading to France, where a friend of mine is getting married in a castle.

Getting ready is easy with suits, I have a whole range of them.

I do like to look after myself though; I have a couple of facials every year and I wear loads and loads of cologne. Normally I know when I have enough on, because I lean in for a kiss and girls say 'you smell so nice.'" "When I was 19, I started going grey. It's really light, you just brush it around and it all works.""She called me five minutes ago actually.

Then the day BB finishes, I head to Suffolk to do a show called Young Talent of The Year. Which I think will be one of the most remarkable experiences of my life."And meeting you George has been one of ours...

Then, once that's finished, I'll be back for a few days before I head to Africa.

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Thankfully I've found an amazing Japanese lady who makes shoes for me.