Random chat humiliation

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Random chat humiliation

kind of a cross between roland barthes and john waters, veering back and forth from literature/philosophy to anecdotes about peeing your pants in elementary school.

as you might imagine, some parts work better than others (i'm not sure a white guy needed to coin the phrase "jim crow gaze," for example), but there's something really approachable and forthcoming about it that evens out the rough edges.

Not everyone will be on-board with his approach, but the results will have you thinking long after the book has been was just awful...

i'd give it negative stars if i a chat excerpt with a friend while i was about 20% into the book:i find it hilarious that this is what i'm reading immediately after postman's "amusing ourselves to death"this is written as individual paragraphs as their own "fugues" as he refers to them, without context or relation to the others, other than by the most tenuous of threads, and he keeps using obscure words unnecessarily (ex.: pilloried, traduced, sangfroid)granted,this was just awful...

It will function, in the fugues that follow, as an incantation.When I see a humiliated woman (in literature, in life, on the screen, in a dream), I'm horrified and saddened - or indifferent.When I see a humiliated man (on trial, on the street, in jail, in a hospital), I'm horrified, too, but not necessarily saddened; I feel that his maleness has received a necessary puncture.Humiliation isn't merely the basement of a personality, or the scum pile on the stairway down.Humiliation is the earlier event that paves the way for 'self' to know it exists." - Wayne Koestenbaum Koestenbaum's Humiliation is a reflection on shame and humiliation that takes the form of fragments (dedicated "to the daughter whose father kicked her ass at the airport on Easter Sunday" - pg.

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