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Posted by / 25-Sep-2017 05:26

Since this way you also fill the cache unnecessarily with images you do not want to cache with the cost of causing less cache space for things you actually do want to be cached. Whether it's image data, HTML data or whatever else.

See here: Is it possible to execute PHP with extension jpg? Please notice that it's very insecure to let php process jpg images.Note: I have to use same name for the created images over time.From the point of view of the web-server the same file is accessed, but from the point of view of the browser no caching can be performed.displaying an image counter (from an external provider). And after a random parameter was added, all works fine :) I've appended a date string to ensure refresh at least every minute.sample code (PHP): If you have a hardcoded image URL, for example: can use php to add headers to your image.

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