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The petechial rash spread out from my hands and ankles to the rest of the body sparing only the head.

The headaches were unbearable and so intense that caused hallucinations of some sort; my extremities were swollen from the rash so that I could not properly walk, plus, there was a bouquet of other “beautiful” symptoms such as vomiting and fever. I went to see a doctor only after I began to feel better and only because I developed a complication – half of my face got paralyzed.

I found this PDF form on CDC’s website, do you think I could fill it out myself and mail to them?

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Maybe, you won’t meet your one true love until your 70.

Fate isn’t time bounded and has a wicked sense of humor.

Have you ever notice that for INFPs, a description of soulmate is like a shopping list that takes 15 minutes to describe when they’re 20 and single, and still takes 15 minutes when they’re 40 and single?

INFPs everywhere are protesting that we aren’t that shallow.

Cameron Forbes on Five Stages of INFP I think another way to explain Step #5 is Ownership. Lana on Let’s be friends I’m pretty sure I’m gonna put your definition of “going INFP”... Thank you so much 🙂 Nach on Five Stages of INFP It’s good to read this article. If you read the comments from other INFPs, you'll see how much we have in common.So why do INFPs focus so hard on finding that one person that “gets” them and not the person that picks up after themselves?I’m not saying that those traits are mutually exclusive., a species of bacteria that is spread by hard ticks.On one hand, it is kind of cool that I had contracted a relatively rare and almost exotic disease (only ~800 reported cases per year), on the other, I had a very good chance of dying ( I was traveling when I got the first symptoms so I took huge loads of painkillers to stop the headache and the muscle pain .

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