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Completing an Aspiration earns your Sim a related Reward Trait, and allows them to select another Aspiration from any category.

Your first Aspiration choice matters in that your first Bonus Trait will not change after switching to a new Aspiration.

If, for example, you were expected to master a Skill you didn't want to, have many friends, or join a Career, it would help you to avoid selecting that.The Sims 4's Aspirations are life goals that Sims may select, allowing them to complete a checklist of objectives to earn Satisfaction that may be spent toward Rewards.Unlike TS3's Lifetime Wishes, you may change your Aspiration at any time by pressing 'G' and going to the menu.This lets your Sim sit there and earn a flow of money that comes in random bits every few minutes.Additionally, you may Internet Stalk to learn a Sim's Traits and go on a Research Binge that raises multiple Skills at once.

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Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration Objectives: Milestone I: Ill at Easel Total Satisfaction Gained: 4,425 Reward Trait: Tormentor Tormentors are able to sabotage objects ("almost anything"), allowing them to pull better pranks and create chaos.

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