Dating while undercover operations

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Its a tough job, but someone's got to do it How far can undercover cops go in breaking the law while undercover? This works because of the fact that it would be very difficult to find anyone to do the job if the office went back.

Local law enforcement UC operations generally last only a few months, at most, because of the cost and complexity of the effort.An ideal UC is an amiable type who makes friends easily. Spend enough time with people who like and trust you, doing what they do, and you're likely to develop some affection for them, even though what they do goes against your moral principles.When the time comes that you have to betray their trust and take part in their undoing, there is a real sense of betrayal.The UC constantly walks a fine line because he is not supposed to break the law while working in the UC role.If he anticipates having to take part in a crime, the activity has to be approved in advance.

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She simply lies and says she has VD in her throat as she only needs to get the location of the brothel. And they move them into a new city and they start over.