Who is amanda michalka dating

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Who is amanda michalka dating

I’ve been able to stay normal which is the most important part.

The 25-year-old actress announced her happy news via Instagram in the early hours of Wednesday, July 16, with a snap of her stunning ring and the caption, "So this happened…..7/8." The pretty actress initially posted a picture of herself casually wearing her new piece of bling while posing with her younger sister AJ at a recent event.

Everything we write has God at the center or inside of it.” AJ: “It’s so exciting.

I mean there’s not many times where you’re able to really blend both worlds.

The pair smiled for the photograph while having a romantic dinner together.

A few days later the happy couple snuggled up for another intimate snap, this time while staying in Big Sur, a few days after getting engaged.

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So my parents knew at an early age that, ‘All right, this is what our girls want to do’ and my sister and I were living in Washington at the time, we grew up there.