Dating a man who lives with his parents

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Dating a man who lives with his parents

If the latter describes his circumstance, you still shouldn’t deal with him romantically because HE IS STILL MARRIED!The other two scenarios could be valid explanations for his living arrangements.Now, if he is there because he simply can’t take care of himself (i.e.can’t cook, do laundry, clean a house, pay his own bills, etc.) then passing him over is understandable.Unless you are one of those fabled subway mole people who lives beneath the downtown 6 train, you know that we're in a recession, so is a guy's quasi-dependence on his parents a red flag? But if you're feeling particularly judgmental, or wondering if this means he's a mama's boy/lazy/privileged/immature, first ponder the items below: Is he saving up for something big? It's a down-to-earth, pragmatic move to crash with Mom & Dad in order to pinch pennies if he has a bigger, grown-up goal he's working towards.You don't know the full story behind his living situation.Posted by Stephan Labossiere in Advice for Women, Dating | 59 comments Boys live with their mother and men have their own… Society has placed a very negative stigma on adult men who still live with their mother/parents.

No matter what the reason, if he is still at home and he has “momma’s boy” tendencies, then you should proceed with caution.If it turns out the guy you're dating hasn't left the parental nest yet, it actually doesn't have to be a dealbreaker.Especially in New York, which is so ungodly pricy that Rumplestiltskin would have forgone the princess's firstborn kid in favor of her rent-controlled 2-bedroom.Again, as long as he has a plan and is doing what he is supposed to do to work through his transition, then all should be fine.Some of you may be thinking, ‘what’s wrong with him wanting to inherit the house?

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Maybe one or both of his parents needs assistance and he's helping them out.

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