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are available online: The Man Shakespeare Was Not | Shakespeare's Self-Portrait | Interview with Charlton Ogburn | Shakespeare and the Fair Youth Joseph Sobran sprinkles his Oxfordian writings with laments that he doesn't get enough respect from Shakespearean scholars: The Problem of the Funeral Elegy | Bible holds proof of Shakespeare's identity | Shakespeare's Disgrace | The Mystery of Emaricdulfe | David Kathman and the "Historical Record" | The Bard�s Orphans Volker Multhopp thought Oxford collaborated on the Shakespeare plays with John Lyly; his Small Shakespeare Authorship Page included a response to David Kathman's Dating the Tempest [Note: Multhopp's pages are no longer maintained, but they are available at these links via the Wayback Archive.] Was Shakespeare Sicilian?

See Antonio Casa's news account of Martino Iuvara's notion (would it surpise anyone to learn that Iuvara himself is Sicilian? Iuvara's idea was considered newsworthy by the Times of London.

‘But it just became a story that people wanted to talk about.’ Meghan, on the other hand, is probably too busy enjoying being loved up with Harry to even think about social media.

On February 24, 2014 Adams and his girlfriend Troian had become engaged.

In September 2013, Adams was awarded Honorary Life Membership of UCD Law Society.

I live in a world where you can’t post things about Meghan.” ‘I had this onslaught of people retweeting the thing, people thinking it was a recent picture, and I just thought, “What the hell is going on?

”‘ The pair have played engaged couple Mike Ross an Rachel Zane on the US drama since 201, but despite their romantic link on the show, Adams, 36, insisted that in reality he and Meghan are like brother and sister.

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Adams appeared in many US series including Cold Case, Jack and Bobby, lost, Friday Night Lights, Without a Trace, Commander in Chief, Heartland, Ghost Whisperer, ncis, Cupid, Raising the Bar and Suits.

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