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Pros cons consolidating bills

The better alternative would be to consolidate your non-mortgage debt in a new second mortgage, leaving the first mortgage alone.The payment would be 49, which is higher than the payment under the comprehensive consolidation option, although well below the status quo payment of 90." When I entered the numbers you sent me, I found that consolidating both the non-mortgage debt and the second mortgage in a new first mortgage resulted in the lowest monthly payment.It was 46 compared to 90 under the status quo.It fails to reflect differences in tax savings or debt reduction as between the options.The second type of information the calculator provides about all the options is their total cost over a period specified by the user.You must consider all of the cons of debt consolidation before making any decisions.Debt consolidation isn't the best solution for everyone.

The calculator provides two types of information about each of these options.

Consolidate 2nd Mortgage in First - means that you consolidate your existing second mortgage by doing a cash-out refinance on your first mortgage, leaving non-mortgage debt as it is.

Consolidate Non-Mortgage Debt and Second Mortgage in First - means that you consolidate both your existing non-mortgage debt and your second mortgage by doing a cash-out refinance on your first mortgage.

Debt consolidation is primarily designed for unsecured debt (i.e. When you consolidate your debt, you take out a loan to pay off several other debts.

This allows you to consolidate the money you owe into one payment.

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However, this consolidation option raised total costs over 5 years from $56,681 under the status quo to $61,058.