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I used to kid Jenn, asking her ‘where was all of this insight when you were on family.

It was a great night and even though the party was crazy, we arranged a back room, away from the madness, where Jenn could hang out and talk with friends. Certainly a lot of that is because Jenn was always a beautiful woman, but there was a spirit inside her that night that was palpable.

She would be touched.’ Probst: “Over the past several weeks we had some beautiful talks about life and death.

Jenn was so willing to share what she was feeling, including the very real and very scary parts of dealing with terminal cancer. Her sister, her brother and her parents were loving, positive and incredibly supportive of her needs.

The power of human energy was connecting me to Jenn on a spiritual level and the power of technology was keeping me updated on her journey.

I am so grateful she chose to share so much with me.

She is best known for competing on the reality competition show Survivor, as well as her subsequent relationship with its host, Jeff Probst.

Julie was born on December 15, 1980, in Lewiston, Maine.

Her family provided a safe place where she could simply be a daughter or a sister and not have to worry about the expectations of others. “Texting back and forth became a great way for Jenn to stay in touch with all of her friends.

It was funny to witness her switch from being a spiritual mentor to playing the role of a daughter where she felt safe enough to simply say ‘no’ to her mom’s suggestion of a hot cup of soup. No matter where she was or how she was feeling she could reach out and stay connected via technology.

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“The last text came at pm when Kim wrote simply, ‘Jenn died.’ “Jenn did such a good job of showing me how to love someone who is dying that it is surprisingly easy to talk about her passing.

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