Dating a gibson 4 string tenor acoustic guitar

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Dating a gibson 4 string tenor acoustic guitar

The tenor guitar or four-string guitar is a slightly smaller, four-string relative of the steel-string acoustic guitar or electric guitar.

The instrument (in its acoustic form) was developed so that players of the four-string tenor banjo could double on the guitar.

Dobro, another company associated with the Dopyera Brothers, as well as National, also built various resonator tenor guitar models.

The six strings were grouped into four courses with the C strings doubled as an octave pair, there were two G strings doubled in unison and the D and the B strings were single strings. It was available as the standard model 6005 and the De Luxe model 6006 and it came in three colours Fireglo, Mapleglo, and Azureglo.

In 1968 Eddie Peabody, a very well known plectrum banjoist who performed from the 1920s through to 1970, designed a six string, four course, electric guitar-like instrument with a plectrum scale length of 26 inches and plectrum tuning of CGDB.

It was called the Banjoline and it was mainly manufactured by Rickenbacker.

Plectrum guitars are also very suitable for guitar tuning–DGBE–because of their longer scale length but are much less suitable for CGDA tuning because of the high A string.

Plectrum guitars were not made in as large numbers as tenor guitars and are now more rare.

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