Emeeting dating script review

Posted by / 23-Jun-2017 11:23

Emeeting dating script review

I have tried all the numbers I could find to get some sort of answer and nothing. So I am up a creek and soon my site that has had a very good name will soon be MUDD. I have been looking for a reliable provider to build my own dating site.

After reading some positive and negative reviews for datingsitebuilder, I decided to give it a shot, as they promised 30 days money back guarantee.

I contacted them last month and inquired about their package.

I bought the stand alone dating software for and thought to get a software that works for that price.It allows me to manage the photos, members, customization and overall website without any hassle. Hmm, its been just a few months since I subscribe to but so far, I like their services.For me, the things that make them likable are: Their pricing- It's cheaper compared to others. Profiles- their package includes profiles already so theres no need to start from scratch.On the top left corner, there's support link which I liked on and was able to chat with live customer support in real time.But there were times where I couldn't reach a live person and had to submit a support ticket. After consulting datingsitebuilder back and forth for 2 weeks, I decided to sign up for their Advanced plan which is .99.

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But the software has many bugs, does not run on PHP 5.5 and main features are missing. Because of them, I was able to save money and time. I recommend this to everyone whos interested to put up their own dating website.