Speed dating host suggestions

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Speed dating host suggestions

If you are planning to include dinner, I would not recommend a start time much later than that, earlier would be preferable, in fact.If you won’t be having dinner, you could opt to start later.Also let them know how long it will be until the official program starts and where they need to be when that happens.As people arrive, give them a Table Assignment chit.Then tell them they can get drinks or appys and mingle.Name tags were requested after my first event and I used the affordable version of masking tape and a marker for the second one!

Susie will explain the ins and outs of the rotations as part of her presentation.

People seem to come just far enough apart that you are repeating your spiel and directions ad-infinitum, while trying to get names marked off and name tags found.

Space allows people to sit down their purses or jackets, write their name tags, get any change they might need and to pick up any pamphlets or swag you may be handing out.

It is important to note at the outset that there will be bathroom breaks, so that no one loses out on networking time (their partner would lose out as well! When people arrive, have a clearly marked registration table.

Mark them off on the catering list, get them to put on a name tag, hand them a seat assignment and any worksheets.

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Another alternative is to do some research and present it yourself.