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After a year of giving birth to Billie, the model gave birth to their second daughter, Georgia Geraldine Dane, on December 28, 2011.

The forty-six years old mother of two shared the picture of the event on her Instagram on 4 June 2017 with the caption: "We always make this a family affair .....We were having dinner at a restaurant and she asked me if I ever did anything impulsive and I said, ' Like what? ' and she said, ' Yeah, something like that,' and I said, ' Do you want to marry me...?' I was terrified and she said, ' Yes,' I said, ' Cheque,' we got the cheque, jumped in my car, we got the last flight out of Los Angeles to Las Vegas.In fact, her baby daddy hopes to strip her of her remaining custody because the former star/patient allegedly injected someone else's clean urine into her vajayjay to pass court-ordered drug tests!A male friend of Kari Ann's swears she bought the bladder-juice online to Tags: addiction, celebrity rehab, custody, custody battle, drugs, fake urine, icky icky poo, kari ann peniche, legal matters, meth, miss teen usa, parenting, reality tv, sad sad , is apparently in SERIOUS trouble as her estranged husband, Justin Williams, is attempting to STRIP her of custody of their 10-month-old son…because the infant tested positive for METH!

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