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In fact your country may be at odds with many aspects of Indian traditions and when discussing culture or politics, each of you may feel obliged to defend your country even at the risk of a potential relationship.

Rather ask your partner about her work or college she is studying.

Consequently software engineers, doctors, academicians, finance executives and entrepreneurs from India have their own associations, among whom you can find highly skilled, professional Indian women.While, as a white man, you may not be able to join such associations, ask among your Asian friends and co-workers if they can take you along to the cultural events and celebrations organized by such associations which in turn will throw you in close proximity with many single women of Indian origin in your country.Associations and events in universities with large Indian population are other great venues for meeting Indian women who may have arrived in your country to study, do research or teach.Reasons vary but they mostly have to do with the notions of high quality of life and personal freedom afforded to women in America and Western Europe.Dating and social networking sites are a particularly effective way of meeting women who are physically located in India.

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This could be a sticky point since it could be a source of pride or consternation for your partner.