Accommodating cyclists at signalised intersections

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Accommodating cyclists at signalised intersections

Avoiding these undesirable effects can improve both the safety and capacity at an intersection. An effective intersection design promotes desirable speeds to optimize intersection safety.

Figure 11 shows how pavement markings can be applied to delineate travel paths. The appropriate speed will vary based on the use, type, and location of the intersection.

Figure 15 shows how a skewed intersection approach can increase the distance to clear the intersection for pedestrians and vehicles. Lane arrangements, location of channelization islands, and medians should be established to facilitate pedestrian access and the placement of signs, signals, and markings.

The highest volume movements at an intersection typically define the intersection’s high-priority movements, although route designations and functional classification of intersecting roadways may also be considered.Roadway alignments that cross as close to 90 degrees as practical can minimize the exposure of vehicles to potential conflicts and reduce the severity of a conflict.Skewed crossings produce awkward sight angles for drivers, which can be especially difficult for older drivers.On low-speed roadways or in areas with pedestrians, promotion of lower turning speeds is appropriate. The use of exclusive turn lanes, channelized right turns, and raised medians as part of an access control strategy are all effective ways to separate vehicle conflicts.This can be accomplished with smaller turning radii, narrower lanes, and/or channelization features. Figure 13 illustrates how the addition of a left-turn lane can reduce conflicts with through vehicles traveling in the same direction. Facilitate the movement of high-priority traffic flows.

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Speed differentials at intersections are inherent as vehicles decelerate to facilitate a turning maneuver.

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