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Dating howard miller clocks

Overall, Hermle movements aren't the easiest to work on but given the price they are decently made and will last 25/30 years if checked and oiled periodically.

If you don't maintain them, however, you will probably have to replace them after 15 years.

Many of their clock movements have rows and columns of light counterpunch marks on the brass plates.And of course it's quicker so you can have your clock back in a week or less.If these costs exceed what you can afford, there is a cheaper alternative, which is to remove, soak, wash, rinse and dry the movement without first dismantling it.Also, Hermle mainsprings seem to be less durable so a frequent complaint is that after ten years, a Hermle clock will only run for four of five days instead of the usual eight, and that the strike and chime sound sluggish after a few days from winding or stop altogether.Fortunately, because of the efficiencies of large scale Chinese production, it can cost less to fit a new Hermle movement than to overhaul an existing one, especially if the mainsprings need changing.

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Most have the name Hermle on them but on earlier examples you'll see the initials FHS (for Franz Hermle and Son) and others may bear the retailer's engraved names (URGOS, Howard Miller etc) instead.

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